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  • 1Overall, how satisfied are you with your shopping experience on

  • 2Which factor(s) motivated you to shop on

    A.Low prices

    B.Good quality of products

    C.Fast and/or free shipping

    D.Reliable return policies

    E.Professional customer servic

  • 3How satisfied are you with the product you purchased based on the following criteria?

    Overall quality

    Cost effectiveness

    Using experience

    Clarity of manual and instructions

  • 4How satisfied are you with our warranties and return/refund process?

  • 5Overall, how would you rate the quality of customer service on

  • 6How do you prefer to contact our customer service for assistance?

    A.By phone

    B.By e-mail

    C.On Facebook, Twitter and other social media

    D.By live chat

    E.None of these or I have not contacted your customer service yet

  • 7How likely are to you to purchase on again?

  • 8Which areas should urgently improve in the near future? (Multiple choice)

    A.Payment security

    B.Website UI design

    C.Products quality


    E.Logistics and tracking